What is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a cast iron ball with a chunky handle and a flat bottom. They come in varying weights. They originate from Russia as you would expect such a powerful training tool to do. They have been used in Russia as a form of training for the Secret service and military. It was also a common tool for the Russian Strongmen to use in their training regimes.

How Does It Work?

Kettlebells are moved at speed in a certain direction. This puts the body through its paces and makes the muscles work at a level otherwise not reached by ordinary pieces of gym equipment. The body needs to adapt to accelerating and decelerating kettlebells, lengthening and shortening muscles in order to carry out this function. These movements develop power in the body which is required for many sports from martial arts, combat, tennis, running, and swimming to name only a few.

What Will It Do for Me?

Kettlebells will make you strong and lean. They are a full body workout. However these workouts are not designed to be a walk in the park. They are designed to be effective. They work your cardiovascular and muscular systems. This method of training allows you to transfer your gains to other sports.

A Final Note

A Kettlebell is the only piece of equipment that can single handedly deliver the required results. It is an effective way to train and there are so many different program designs you can follow you will never get bored!